General Info

Jun 01, 9am — Registration Starts! Register!

Aug 01, 5pm — Registration Ends!

Sep. 4th, 7am — Physical Race Map

Sep. 4th, 7am — Virtual Race App


General Information

Elite Runners are expected to be at the Marathon start point 30 minutes before the race begins. They will receive race bibs upon arrival. This is for a limited number only. Virtual runners will be sent instructions to set themselves on the Charge App.


13.1 miles

Race Route and Map? Start point, finish point, Race Guide?

Race description?


6.2 miles

Race Route and Map? Start point, finish point, Race Guide?

Race description?


3.1 miles

Race Route and Map? Start point, finish point, Race Guide?

Race description?


Millennium Marathon General Information

Open Registration Begins - Jun 01

Process- for 2021 Registration is done online on our website ONLY. Upon registration, you will receive an email notification with event details.

Open Registration Ends - Aug 01

Registration ends on August 01 on our website registration portal. Registered runners will be sent periodic updates before and after the events.


Runners who wish to register for the 2021 Virtual Millennium Marathon must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age on race day.
  • Complete and submit the online registration form during the registration period and agree to the Participant’s Agreement at the time of registration.

Changes to the Event

Millennium Marathon Company Limited reserves the right to change the course, or make any other amendment to the Event that Millennium Marathon Company Limited deems necessary to stage the Event. Any change to the Event will be communicated to you at the Event or sooner if practicable.

Runner Online Event

Please follow our social media pages on Facebook, Instagram and twitter and join our runner events.


By submitting your application, you are agreeing to enter into the Event, pay the Fee, participate in the Event on the Event Date…

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Terms of Agreement

Use of Image: The Event may be televised, filmed, and/or otherwise recorded and photographs may be taken all of which may capture your participation in the Event.

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Official Marathon Launch - May 21

This year’s Virtual and physical Marathons will be launched in an enclosed event with a few guests. Details of the Launch event will be shared at a later date.

Race Course

The Millennium Marathon 21k Course is an AIMS-certified course.

Half Marathon Course:  Marathon: Black Start Square-High street-WATO Road- Kwame Nkrumah Avenue- Liberation Road (TUC)- National Theatre – Independence Avenue road- 37 Military Hospital Road- Elwak Stadium- Burma Camp Road- Trade Fair Road- Labadi Road- Black Star Square.

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Race Completion

Only runners who paid for FULL registrations will receive a finisher’s medal.  Virtual Runners can download their finisher’s time.

Cancellation by You

You should inform us immediately for any reason. If you do so, your fee will not be refunded but, if this is not an entry that you have already held over, you will be permitted to have a guaranteed entry for the next year’s Event by applying in the required manner.

Instruction for Participants

Final instructions for your race will be emailed to you before race day. These instructions are designed to give you a stress-free day.

Runner Guide

This gives you information regarding everything you need to know about the various events.

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Event Regulations

All participating runners must comply with regulations set in the event registration guide.

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By submitting your application, you are agreeing to enter into the Event, pay the Fee, participate in the Event on the Event Date, abide by the Rules, and also to abide by these Conditions of Entry, the Event Conditions, and any instructions given to you by officials of the Millennium Marathon Company Limited.

 Participants in the Event are subject to the Ghana Athletics Association rules. If you are an entrant using a wheelchair you will also be subject to the rules of the National Paralympic Committee of Ghana.

 If there is any conflict between these Rules and the Agreement, the Agreement shall apply to the extent of the conflict.

Event Regulations

All participating runners must comply with regulations set in the event registration guide.

  1. This event will be carried out while abiding by all domestic laws and regulations.
  2. In addition to the Event Regulations, the event will adhere to the all-other rules and regulations set forth by the event organizer.
  3. The event organizer will not be liable for any detriments caused by the followings:
    • Illness, communicable disease (including COVID-19), and/or accidents (excluding emergency treatment).
    • Loss and/or damage of personal property.
    • Late arrival to the race due to trouble with public transportation and/or poor road conditions.
  4. In order to execute the safe event, the event organizer will enforce traffic control in the vicinity of the event. (For in-person runs only)
  5. Runners are required to follow the instructions of the event organizer. Otherwise, will be disqualified from participation in the event.
  6. The 21km course is AIMS certified. We will not accept any claims against the course measurement or the distance based on personal devices, such as GPS tracking devices. Also, you may be disqualified for missing the timing mat record and/or if the shortcut is discovered.
  7. Copyright of images, photographs, articles, race records, location information, coverage of the event, and the usage right for TV broadcasting, newspapers, magazines, and the Internet, belongs to the event organizer. The aforementioned copyright includes but not limited to names and other personal information such as age and address (country, prefecture, and city only) of entrants mentioned in the article covering the event.
  8. The event organizer, in recognition of the importance of protecting personal data, abides by all laws and ordinances concerning the protection of personal data and adheres to the event organizer’s privacy policy when handling personal data.
  9. The event organizer will provide adequate first aid to injury and illness during in-person race events.

Terms of Agreement


The Event may be televised, filmed, and/or otherwise recorded and photographs may be taken all of which may capture your participation in the Event. You agree to the publication of such photographs, filming, recording, and broadcasts and their use by us and those authorised by us in any way which Millennium Marathon Company Limited may see fit now or in the future including but not limited to film, broadcast, radio, TV, publications, and publicity.


  1. If there is a conflict or inconsistency between any provision contained in the body of these Conditions of Entry and any provision contained in the Event Conditions, except where provided to the contrary in the latter, the Event Conditions prevail to the extent of the conflict or inconsistency.
  2. The Agreement shall be governed by the Laws of Ghana and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Ghanaian courts.
  3. The Agreement does not create, confer or purport to confer any benefit or right enforceable by any person not a party to it.
  4. You agree that Millennium Marathon Company Limited may publish your Personal Information as part of the results of the Event and may pass such information to any affiliated organisation for the purpose of insurance, permits, or for publishing results either for the event alone or combined with or compared to other events. Personal Information here may include (but not be limited to) name, race times, occupation, nationality, and age category.
  5. Any breach of this Agreement shall render your entry void. If you are found to be in breach of this Agreement, Millennium Marathon Company Limited reserves the right to exclude you from participation in future editions of the event and any other events held, controlled, and/or operated by Millennium Marathon Company Limited.


Frequently Asked Questions


When does registration for the Millennium. Marathon Virtual Run open?

Registration will open from 15th May 2021.

How do I register?

Go to the registration page and select the race type. Click on register or go HERE TO REGISTER

How much for registration?

GH₵ 30 goes for Locals and $30 for international participants.

Health & Training

Should I run if I have a cold?

Exercise and your immune system have an interesting relationship. Moderate amounts of exercise on a regular basis strengthen your immune system and give you resistance against colds and other upper respiratory tract infections.

However, this is one case in which more is definitely not better. Long and intense training can actually weaken your immune system and increase the chance of getting sick. Catching a cold or getting the flu immediately after finishing the marathon is very common because your immune system takes a big hit.

What do I do if I get a cramp?

Despite the common occurrence of muscle cramps, why they happen is still something of a mystery. A common misconception is that cramps are caused by dehydration or an imbalance in electrolytes. Drinking a sports drink on your long runs, although important to maintain hydration, won’t prevent you from cramping.

Muscle cramps are more likely caused by an increase in your running pace and premature muscle fatigue, which affects your nervous system’s ability to relax a muscle after it contracts. Cramping is also associated with a family history of muscle cramps and a personal history of cramping and tendon or ligament injuries.

What should I consume during the marathon?

Exactly what you should consume in the marathon depends on what your stomach can handle, but you definitely want to make sure you consume enough carbohydrate to delay glycogen depletion and hypoglycemia and enough fluid to delay dehydration. Both conditions cause you to slow your pace. Taking carbs and fluid at regular intervals throughout the race can make a huge difference in how you feel and perform.

Race Info

When is the 2021 Virtual Millennium Marathon?

The race will be held on Saturday 4 September.

How does the Virtual Race Work?

Runners who sign up for a virtual race register online and simply choose their own starting line, whether it’s a treadmill or a neighborhood street. Using an App chosen by the organiser, they run the race distance, upload their finishing time on the leader board. They are able to print a finisher’s certificate and choose whether they want their medals mailed to them.

How many people can run it?

As many people as possible can participate in the virtual run. Only the Elite Runners will be allowed to participate in person.

What is the time frame for doing the virtual run?

You have until 3 days after the. Main race day to complete your run.

Accomodations & Travel

Will accommodation be provided for runners outside Accra?

No. This is a virtual race so you are encouraged to find a convenient space and run. However, elite runners can call our office line for assistance on accommodation.

Will there be subsidies on hotels?

Please call our office if you are an elite runner for the physical race.


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